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Can I Be Compensated for a Data Breach?

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Finding out that an unauthorized actor has been able to steal your private data is frustrating and scary. You trusted a company to keep your data secure, and they failed to do so. To make matters worse, data breach perpetrators often get away with their crimes and face no accountability. However, there are still ways you can get compensated for a data breach. Our experienced data breach lawyers can help. 


Compensation Available to Victims of Data Breaches

Taking steps to protect your identity and avoid fraud after a data breach can be costly and time-consuming. Depending on the kind of data that the hackers stole, you could be at risk of financial, medical, and identity fraud. While you may be unable to hold the perpetrator accountable, there's precedent for victims successfully suing the company that lost their data.


Data Security Responsibilities of US Companies

Companies don't just have a moral duty to safeguard your data; they have a legal duty. While data breaches can be highly unexpected, they're a known threat to modern businesses. A company that handles sensitive data is responsible for that data and needs to invest in data security. When a company fails to take adequate data security measures, that can make them liable to you and other data breach victims in civil court. 


When Can I Sue a Company for a Data Breach? 

Investments in data security take many shapes. For instance, most data breaches originate from human error and structural failures in security, not from technical failures. 

If it's possible to tie poor training and data access management to the breach, then that would be a case for the company's liability. Technical failures in their systems and other vulnerabilities for hackers can also strengthen the case of data breach victims. 

Another basis for mounting a data breach lawsuit would be delayed notification. When your information is at risk, every day counts. As such, there are laws that require companies to release information about the breach and notify the victims in a timely manner. 


Compensation in a Data Breach Lawsuit

The settlements available in a data breach lawsuit vary widely and depend on the specifics of the case. A higher settlement is possible the more serious the lost information is, as well as if you can prove you suffered significant damage from the breach. While there's no guaranteeing the exact sums you can win, there are a few types of damages you can pursue. Some examples of damages you can seek compensation for include: 

  • Direct financial losses resulting from fraud 
  • Lost income or time related to fraud protection
  • The costs of identity protection services 
  • Emotional distress

If your information was compromised in a data leak, a data breach lawsuit might be your only path to compensation. However, the law is complex and you need to build the strongest case possible if you want to succeed. Reach out to our experienced data breach lawyers for help. 


Get Compensation with a Data Breach Lawyer

The data breach class action lawyers are ready and able to assist any victims of data theft. If you discover that you're a victim of a data breach, we'll give you a free consultation and investigate the matter. From there, we'll counsel you on your options and let you choose the best course. If we move forward with a data breach lawsuit, you won't pay a cent unless we win, and our costs will only be a fraction of your winnings. 

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